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ROBYN BLACK & LOU POMANTI BUTTERFLY ALBUM ART by Michelle Astrug  Photo by Cory Lee.jpg



For release, October 13, 2023


Vocal Pop, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Soul Jazz


90s R&B, Classic Soul, Nu-Funk, Acid Jazz, Funk, Disco, Blues, Power Ballads, Soundtrack, Rom Com, Cinematic, Strings.


Aaliyah, Adele, Alicia Keys, Barbra Streisand, Bonnie Raitt, Brand New Heavies, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Corinne Bailey Rae, Demi Lovato, Des'ree, Earth Wind & Fire, Ed Sheeran, Eric Clapton, Jennifer Lopez, Jill Scott, John Mayer, Joss Stone, Justin Timberlake, Kandace Springs, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Leon Bridges, Macy Gray, Mariah Carey, Nikka Costa, Prince, Robert Glasper, Shania Twain, TLC, Whitney Houston.


1 - Weight of the World - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
2 - Just My Imagination - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
3 - Runaway Train - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
4 - Survival - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
5 - Now or Never - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
6 - Butterflies - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
7 - Finish What You Started - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
8 - Show Me - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
9 - Do It All Again - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
10 - Locked Out of Heaven - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]
11 - Dancing On My Own - Robyn Black and Lou Pomanti [LP Music]


All songs composed by Robyn Black & Lou Pomanti except tracks 2, 10, 11.

Robyn Black: All vocals.

Lou Pomanti: Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Keyboards, Programming.

John Findlay (Guitar): 1, 6

Marc Rogers (Bass): 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Larnell Lewis (Drums): 1

KC Roberts (Guitar): 3, 7

Steve Heathcote (Drums): 3, 5, 6

Tony Carlucci (Trumpet): 3

William Carn (Trombone): 3

Jake Langley (Guitar): 5

William Sperandei (Trumpet): 10

Harry Hess: Mastering

Photography by Cory Lee, and Jorge Figueiredo

Artwork by Michelle Astrug 


Label: [LP Music]

All songs are original compositions and M✓A✓P✓L✓

*except tracks 2, 10, 11: MA✓P✓L

© (P) All rights reserved Robyn Black & Lou Pomanti [LP MUSIC]

Distributed by Distrokid

ALBUM UPC - 197993001579

 All original music is one-stop, pre-cleared and all in.



Photo by Cory Lee

The Musical Metamorphosis of Lou Pomanti and Robyn Black

Embarking on a soulful journey, Lou Pomanti and Robyn Black unveil "Butterfly" - an album reflecting a musical metamorphosis from a fortuitous collaboration and a deep, shared passion for songwriting. Together, they bridge genres, weaving a tapestry of nu-soul, funk, RnB, and pop, with the common theme of '90s RnB nostalgia. "Butterfly" is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and unwavering support meeting introspection, self-expression, musicality and artistic evolution.


Collaborations often emerge from serendipitous moments and creative sparks, indeed so with Lou Pomanti and Robyn Black's journey in the creation of "Butterfly." Four years in the making,

The story begins with Pomanti, an accomplished Canadian producer and composer known for affiliations with artists like Michael Bublé, Marc Jordan, Matt Dusk, and David Clayton-Thomas, crossing paths with Black. Their initial collaboration on an arrangement for 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone' with George St. Kitts and Pomanti's band, Oakland Stroke, immediately sparked a potent musical partnership inspired by Black's striking vocal improvisations that captivated Pomanti like never before. 

What began as experimentation—playing with individual tracks, exploring covers, and delving into various songwriting sessions—blossomed over four years into "Butterfly." This full-fledged album, which marries genres including pop, nu-soul, funk, and RnB, all with a prevailing '90s RnB nostalgia, emerged partly due to the pandemic's enforced period of introspection and experimentation, allowing for a deep dive into various songwriting styles, from soulful power ballads to funky anthemic jams, and a process underscored by a commitment to fresh, iterative creative process as collaborators, taking their time. 

"Butterfly" features three distinct covers and eight original compositions in unusually diverse musical styles while offering lyrical narratives through emotional and thematic depths. It explores universally resonant and intimately personal concepts, such as resilience, introspection, and the multiple facets of love and life as characterized by Robyn's symphony of roles as a working mother, wife and artist. 

"Weight of the World" speaks to the tenacity and courage required to nurture amidst complexities through a striking blend of 90s neo-soul and R&B-pop. "Just My Imagination" carves out a contemporary niche within a timeless Temptations classic, employing Black's profound vocals to navigate through a blend of 90s R&B and reminiscent Motown. "Runaway Train" propels listeners forward with its lively and uplifting narrative, melding nu-soul, R&B, and smooth jazz. "Survival" underscores a spirit of persistence with its vibrant and funky synth-pop arrangement. In a more contemplative tone, "Now or Never" captures a globally resonant message of urgency and social transformation amidst global human strife. "Butterflies" gracefully flutters through genres, combining gospel country-pop with a Motown spark, crafting a musical call for love in its purest and joyful form. The anthemic danceable track "Finish What You Started" infuses an inspirational vibe into the pop-funk realm, rallying listeners toward the steadfast pursuit of their aspirations. With "Show Me," Robyn dives into intimate territories, enveloping listeners with sultry 90s R&B and jazzy sunset-drenched soul vibrations. "Do It All Again" sails through emotional waves of enduring love woven into an emotionally charged power ballad, illuminating Black's vocal prowess. In "Locked Out Of Heaven," the duo re-imagines Bruno Mars' smash hit with a hauntingly jazzy and neo-soul-inflected atmosphere. Closing out the album is the profoundly emotive "Dancing On My Own," which re-imagines the other Robyn's EDM classic as a soul-stirring tale of longing and unreturned affection, bringing the auditory journey to a close with intimate tenderness.

Black, recognized as one of Canada's premier session singers, perceives "Butterfly" as more than an album; it's a comprehensive expression of her evolving artistic identity as a songwriter and collaborator and her metamorphosis from a background vocalist to a centre-stage recording artist. It also signifies her passion for integrating her professional artistry with her working mother and wife roles. Pomanti's unwavering support, which she notes as instrumental to her growth and self-discovery, was foundational, describing him as the first collaborator to genuinely vocalize and demonstrate appreciation and support leading to a transformation. Lou echoes the sentiment, lauding Robyn's exceptional talent and the heightened quality she injects into their work, marking her as one of his all-time favourite vocalists to work with. Their love and pride for their project is palpable and admirable, an inspiration. 

Like its namesake, "Butterfly" is a narrative of transformation, artistic evolution, and the ceaseless pursuit of passion amidst the demands of multifaceted lives. It stands not merely as a musical offering but as a narrative and symbol of Black and Pomanti's collaborative creativity and its beautiful synergy.


Renowned as one of Canada's premier session singers, Robyn perceives "Butterfly" as a monumental expression of her artistic identity, symbolizing her evolution from a background vocalist to a spotlighted songwriter and recording artist, all while balancing her roles as a musician, working mother and wife. 

Black, active in the Canadian music industry for over two decades, has carved out a career that traverses various musical genres and includes work in musical theatre, performance, session singing, and songwriting. Raised by parents who were performers in Montreal, her early experiences were steeped in Canada's musical theatre environment, participating in productions such as "Annie," "Mother Goose," and "Cinderella."

During her teenage years, Robyn released a pop single, "Freaky," which found a spot on Z95's top 30, and opened doors for her into the world of songwriting and recording artistry. She also sang national anthems at sporting events and was part of the Manitoba Theatre Company's premiere of "The Wave." Subsequently, she transitioned to work that included sharing stages with award winning artists and bands and providing her vocals for demos, background vocals, and voiceovers on various international projects. She has joined forces with industry titans like Justin Gray, Matthew Tishler, Craig McConnel, Liz Rodrigues, and Vince DeGiorgio, lending her vocals and songwriting prowess to projects and shows globally, including Disneys Austin and Ally and Nickelodeons "How To Rock". She has collaborated with artists like Priyanka, and David Archuleta, while also providing memorable performances for brands like Folgers and Bell Canada.


Robyn is often a featured vocalist of Lou Pomanti's bands, including "Oakland Stroke," a horn band based in Toronto, the George St. Kitts Band, and the Jeans' N Classics Rock Symphony.


Producer, co-writer and mentor, Lou Pomanti stands out as one of Canada's musical virtuosos, boasting an illustrious career as a producer, composer, musician, and musical director. His education in the Jazz Program at Humber College, Toronto, was marked by his receipt of The Duke Ellington Scholarship Award for Arranging. Lou's musical journey includes a significant stint with the jazz-rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears and an extensive session career, which has seen his contributions grace the recordings of numerous renowned artists, including Michael Bublé and Gordon Lightfoot. Beyond his contributions to recordings, Lou has carved out a niche as a prominent TV and Film composer and has played an integral role in major award shows as a Musical Director. Lou's commitment to excellence is evident through accolades like the Gemini award and his ongoing contribution to albums by various artists, even decades into his career. His recent endeavours see him returning to his roots, creating records, and producing an album that features many esteemed vocalists and musicians. His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, earning him the unique honour of having a street in Toronto named after him in 2012.


Photo by Cory Lee


1 - Weight of the World (5:00)

50 BMP, A Minor, ISRC: QZFYZ2382805 | M✓A✓P✓L✓

Genres: Vocal Pop, RnB, Neo Soul

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Scott, Kandace Springs, Adele

“Weight of the World” melds 90s neo-soul with r&b-pop, intertwining plucky strings and bouncy keys beneath Robyn’s formidable RnB vocals, embellished by fiery electric guitar riffs. An anthem of strength amidst the struggle, this track lays bare the emotional weight borne by singer Robyn Black - a resilient mom, wife, and teacher, navigating the ebb and flow of public perception and private turmoil. Navigating through layered roles, Robyn offers a raw introspection into managing life's pressures while maintaining a semblance of self-care. As the song explores the stark disparity between an externally serene life and an internal emotional battlefield, it becomes a resonant echo of survival and strength despite the mental and emotional strains. Here, Robyn communicates the tension between outer perceptions, often exacerbated by social media, and the more complex internal realities, delivering a vulnerable and empowering message.

2 - Just My Imagination (3:39)

93 BPM, D Major, ISRC: QZMEM2233825 | MA✓P✓L

Genres: Vocal Pop, Motown Revisited, RnB

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper, Kandace Springs, Adele

"Just My Imagination" twirls into a contemporary RnB soul world, drenched in 90s style, merging soul rhythm guitar, modern string arrangements, rich vocal harmonies, and a spectrum of synths, while Robyn Black's vocally deep and captivating serenade sails elegantly through this timeless, nostalgic Motown melody, revisited with a fresh, modern twist.

Embracing one of her favourite songs, Black revives the Motown classic by The Temptations, steering it into nostalgic Motown and contemporary RnB under the profoundly musical and sophisticated production umbrella of the award-winning Lou Pomanti.

3 - Runaway Train (3:44)

83 BPM, D Minor, ISRC: QZNWS2288705 | M✓A✓P✓L✓

Genres: R&B, Neo Soul, Soul Funk

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Jill Scott, Kandace Springs, Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Kelly Clarkson

"Runaway Train" melds innovative nuances of funky nu-soul with R&B and smooth jazz, spotlighting the soulful intensity of Robyn Black’s vocals over a dynamic and rhythmically robust track featuring KC Roberts, one of Toronto’s most vibrant guitarists. "Runaway Train" emerges as a bold proclamation. Robyn asserts, "This song is about never giving up on yourself. It's a fierce tribute to fighting for what you really want in life. It has always been music, and I've put it on the back burner for far too long. I'm ready, and it's full steam ahead; there’s no stopping me now." The track weaves a narrative of persistent pursuit, embodying a powerful testament to self-belief and unyielding perseverance, incredibly potent for those who've ever dared to chase a seemingly elusive dream.

4 - Survival (3:28)

120 BPM, E Minor, ISRC: QZMEN2384289 | M✓A✓P✓L✓

Genres: Neo Soul, Funk-Pop, R&B, Vocal, Adult Contemporary

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue

"Survival" emerges as a fiery pop-funk soul anthem, kindling a spirit of resilience and perseverance amidst life’s ebbs and flows. With catchy melodies, vibrant keys, and electrifying synths, this track serves as a testament to enduring and surviving.

Embarking on a journey through life's unpredictable pathways, "Survival" encapsulates a persistent spirit, adaptive resilience, and a combatant attitude toward our desires and challenges Be it maneuvering through a challenging day or discovering an internal fortitude to press on, "Survival" establishes itself as an essential heartbeat in playlists like "Getting Through a Tough Day" and "You’re Gonna Make It,"a soulful anthem injecting listeners with an uplifting, potent blend of encouragement and power. 

5 - Now or Never (4:28)

66 BPM, Db Major, ISRC: QZTAU2289705 | M✓A✓P✓L✓



Genres: R&B/Soul, Power Ballad, Vocal Pop


Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis

“Now or Never” is a compelling call to action, converging existential reflections and advocating growth and benevolence. Crafted as a big ballad and rendered through a vocal powerhouse, the track highlights Pomanti’s signature soulful R&B arranging style and was crafted during the pandemic's contemplative solitude. “Now or Never” materialized as a poignant beacon of introspection and contemplation, a reflection of their existential and emotional journey during these times of global disquiet. Robyn reflects, “As humans, our inherent, sometimes selfish desire for stagnation may be natural, but it's an anchor hindering us from forging a better world and a luminous future for our offspring. Shaking off these fears, and absorbing the lessons from our errors, we can coalesce and spawn substantial changes. The pandemic underscored our adaptability; it’s Now or Never.”

6 - Butterflies (3:41)

97 BPM, F Major, ISRC: QZTAT2385933 | M✓A✓P✓L✓



Genres: Gospel, Country Pop, Motown

Sounds Like/For Fans Of:  Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Shania Twain, Ed Sheeran, Corinne Bailey Rae

"Butterflies" joyously celebrates love with its impeccable suitableness for an upbeat, jubilant wedding dance, harmonizing classic gospel and country-pop with a subtle Motown infusion. Brought to life with a silky organ groove and John Findlay’s bluesy, Clapton-esque guitar riffs, this track doesn’t merely play—it flutters, encapsulating the ethereal, bubbling sensation of budding love and the emblematic butterflies in one’s stomach.

7 - Finish What You Started (3:35)

118 BPM, G Major, ISRC: QZTB52204642 | M✓A✓P✓L✓


Genres: Funk, Soul, Female Pop Vocal

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Chaka Khan, Nikka Costa, Prince, Bruno Mars, Earth Wind & Fire

An irresistibly funky pop vibe in "Finish What You Started," blends soulful, motivational lyrics with a tantalizing synth groove and stanky, twangy funk rhythm guitar. Perfect as a kickstarting anthem for the new year, the track serves as a vibrant reminder to adhere to our resolutions and see our ambitions through. Robyn reflects, “Finish What You Started sends forth a dynamic, rhythmic message to listeners and myself: to persist, to complete the endeavours we embark upon, and to immerse ourselves fully in our passions. Navigating through the multifaceted roles of mother, wife, and full-time employee, I've often found my musical pursuits simmering on a back burner. This song became a resonating message to myself to bring this album to fruition. A fervent hope resides within its melodic bounds: may you dance, sing, and find your smile within its beats, finding the inspiration to finish what you've started, discovering that the journey to completion is, indeed, worthwhile."

8 - Show Me (3:41)

96 BPM, C Major, ISRC: QZNWU2316518 | M✓A✓P✓L✓



Genres: Vocal Pop, Adult Contemporary, Soul, R&B

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Des'ree, Aaliyah, TLC, 90s R&B, Smooth Soul

"Show Me" is a sultry ticket back to the sublime vibes of 90s R&B and soul; with a jazzy, head-bopping rhythmic allure and Robyn’s potent vocal delivery. A velvety blend of romantic enticement and smooth, laid-back grooves, featuring an organ solo by Lou Pomanti, cascading lush background vocals, and beguiling lyrics that gently coax a lover to step up their game, frame the effervescent appeal of "Show Me." It's a mood made for  moments of slow, intimate dances, and the mellow warmth of sunset-dipped chardonnay sips.

9 - Do It All Again (3:26)

69 BPM, F Major, ISRC: QZK6M2341536 | M✓A✓P✓L✓

Genres: Power Pop, Ballad, Rom-Com, Relationship Anthems

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston

"Do It All Again" is a poignant power ballad that traces the bittersweet trails and triumphant resilience found in love’s complex journey, encapsulating a heartfelt melody and a spirit that feels like a delicate yet firm embrace amidst love’s ebbs and flows. A tapestry of emotions at once reflective and optimistic, it is an ode to lasting love, inspired by the artists' marital journey, to become an anthem for lovers weathering the storms and sunshine of relationships everywhere.  Ideal for inclusion in playlists like "Power Ballads," "Love's Evolution," "Intimate Moments," and "Songs of Resilience." 

10 - Locked Out Of Heaven (4:56)

60 BPM, C Minor, ISRC: QZK6K2203784 | M A✓P✓L

Genres: Vocal Pop, RnB, Neo Soul, Smooth Jazz

Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper, Kandace Springs, Adele, emotive ballads, transformative covers

A beautifully haunting and poignant rendition of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven," cocooning listeners in a slow, sultry, neo-soul embrace, markedly distinct from the original’s upbeat nature. This rendition transforms the pulsating beats of the original into a luscious ballad, adorned with Robyn’s velvety vocals and complemented by a jazzy solo by top Canadian trumpeter William Sperandei. By stripping back the dynamic pop layers of the original, this version reveals the inherent emotional depth of the lyrics, allowing the hauntingly beautiful melody and poignant words to shine through with resounding clarity.

11 - Dancing On My Own (4:18)

54 BPM, F Minor, ISRC: QZDA82372846 | MA✓P✓L


Genres: Vocal Pop, Ballad, Soul, R&B


Sounds Like/For Fans Of: Robyn, Adele, Leona Lewis, Ellie Goulding, emotive ballads, transformative covers


"Dancing On My Own" is reborn in the capable hands of Black and Pomanti, evolving from a beloved EDM classic into a heartrending ballad that simultaneously captures longing and fortitude. The familiar tale of unreciprocated love and silent heartache, popularized initially by Swedish pop sensation Robyn, is retold through a soulful lens, with Black's rich, emotive vocals ascending over Pomanti's carefully orchestrated piano arrangement. This version, stepping away from the original's synthesizer-rich production, is stripped down to its emotional core, bringing forth a fresh sensitivity that interplays perfectly with the timeless lyrics, transforming a dance floor anthem into a soul-stirring exploration of love, loss, and silent resilience.







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