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Robyn Black has ascended into the spotlight with "Butterfly," a meticulously crafted album embodying a musical journey through narratives of resilience, love, introspection, and fervor for life, released in October 2023. After two decades of shaping melodies from the shadows, Robyn, with the release of her long-anticipated album, has made a resolute entrance into the domain of established solo artists. Developed in conjunction with her unyielding ally, producer Lou Pomanti, the album encompasses eleven tracks, presenting eight original compositions and three ingeniously reenvisioned covers, thereby testifying to Robyn’s evolution from a seasoned session vocalist to a consummate recording artist.

The odyssey of "Butterfly" illustrates a poignant artistic transformation, spanning four years since Robyn’s vocal improvisations resonated with acclaimed producer Pomanti. Initiated during an arrangement for 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone' with George St. Kitts and Pomanti’s band, Oakland Stroke, a modest collaboration unfurled into a profound creative alliance, thereby weaving a tapestry of genres—pop, nu-soul, funk, and R&B—bathed in a nostalgic '90s RnB ambiance.

Moreover, "Butterfly" is not merely an album; it is an unbridled expression of Robyn’s musical persona and a physical manifestation of her transformative journey from a supporting vocalist to a spotlight-stealing recording artist, effortlessly amalgamating her professional wisdom with her personal roles as a mother and spouse. Each song, from the resilient echoes in "Weight of the World" to the jubilant tones of "Butterflies" and the introspective melodies of "Now or Never," harmonizes vivacity with vulnerability, narrating Robyn’s personal and artistic expedition.

This album goes beyond displaying Robyn's stunning vocal capacity and emotional expanse; it epitomizes her metamorphosis into an artist daring to unveil her soul, sharing the myriad experiences that have molded her path. Alongside Pomanti, a steadfast believer in her limitless talent, Robyn has not merely evolved but also crafted an auditory embrace, both a testament to her artistic maturation and an invitation to bear witness to the splendor birthed when unwavering resolve converges with raw, unrestrained talent.

Recognized as one of Canada's elite session singers, Robyn envisages "Butterfly" as a significant utterance of her artistic identity, illustrating her progression from a background vocalist to a highlighted songwriter and recording artist, while concurrently maintaining her roles as a musician, working mother, and wife. Black, entrenched in the Canadian music industry for over two decades, has meticulously sculpted a career that navigates through numerous musical genres, musical theatre, performance, session singing, and songwriting.

Raised amidst the performances of her parents in Montreal and Vancouver, Robyn’s early encounters were deeply rooted in Canada's musical theatre world, engaging in productions like "Annie" and "Mother Goose." During her youth, Robyn released a pop single "Freaky," which garnered accolades on Z95's top 30 and further expanded her repertoire by performing national anthems and participating in the Manitoba Theatre Company's premiere of "The Wave."

In the years that followed, Robyn transitioned to work that spanned sharing stages with world renowned artists and bands (Marc Jordan, Glass Tiger, Jesse Reyes, Alessia Cara, and many more), as well as lending her vocals for demos, background vocals, and voiceovers for various global projects. She has joined forces with industry titans like Justin Gray, Matthew Tishler, Craig McConnel, Liz Rodrigues, Vince DeGiorgio) lending her vocals and songwriting prowess to artists and shows globally, including Disneys Austin and Ally and Nickelodeons "How To Rock", Priyanka, and David Archuletta, while also providing memorable performances for brands like Folgers and Bell Canada.

Frequently featured as a vocalist for Lou Pomanti's bands, such as "Oakland Stroke" and the George St. Kitts Band, Robyn’s journey now beautifully unfolds, inviting listeners into her intimately crafted world, embodied in the transformative tales and melodies of "Butterfly."



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